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Hi, we were all foster dogs and are the Spokespets for the Delta County Humane Society.  We were all lost and frightened and didn't know what would happen to us and then loving people who decided we were worth saving rescued each of us and took us to foster care.  We were not perfect but the people who adopted us thought we were.
Rosie: "I'm deaf."
Maggie: "I don't trust anyone that I meet."
Charlie: "I'm just too cute for words, maybe I am perfect."
More of our four-legged pals are still waiting for their forever homes too.  Won't you please check out our adoptable animals to see if there might be one who could fit into your life?
Welcome to the adoption web site for the Delta County Humane Society.  We are located in Delta County, Colorado - about an hour south of Grand Junction, Colorado on the western side of the state.  We are a small but mighty group of volunteers with only 9 foster homes, yet we manage to rescue and adopt out a fair number of pets.  Check our stats on our 'Docs & Stats' page.

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