Delta County Humane Society
Our Bird Lady, Gloria, can be contacted at 970-856-8556.

In the spring we rescue many baby birds that fall from their nests in wind storms.  Volunteers work very hard to rescue and hand feed and although the elements are against them, they managed to save most of the babies and when old enough they were released. 

This is Willie, who was rescued and nursed back to health, she was never able to be released and has found a warm happy home with our Bird Lady.

Here is a baby Magpie that was nursed back to health and released. 
We also care for domestic birds that need to find new homes.

Our Bird Lady bought a new home and is always adding and increasing and modifying all the various needed cages. 

Outdoor flight cages are essential for young birds to learn their flight skills.  Here are a few photos of the main outdoor flight cage.

It has a feeding door so our Bird Lady can change food and water without going inside.

It is shaded and has a nice breeze.

It is spacious and has lots of perches and nests and more are being added all the time.

This is the front end of the inside of the enclosure.
When rescued birds have been rehabilitated, they can placed into this area so they can fly in and out to eat safely until they are strong enough to survive on their own.